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Our Story

My Coffee Journey

I don’t think anyone is born loving coffee. At least I wasn’t. My first introduction to coffee was watching my grandpa stir a spoon of instant coffee into his cup of hot water that just came out of the microwave. I’d ask him if I could have a sip, and he’d let me. I honestly don’t remember much about how it tasted, but I’m sure it wasn't great.

Through my teens I would start to drink coffee while working at different part time jobs. Somehow it seemed like part of growing up. You work, you drink coffee. Of course, I would always supplement my coffee with some cream and sugar.

When I started university, and moved to Calgary, I dove into what is now called the 2nd wave coffee movement. People were wanting better coffee, stronger coffee, darker coffee. Buy it whole bean, grind it yourself kind of stuff. This was me. I was the guy who took a french press on trips to make my own, whenever there wasn’t a decent coffee shop around.

It all changed for me when I had a friend that introduced me into the specialty coffee world. I was staying at his house and he had to leave much earlier than I was going to be getting up. He showed me how I could make a cup of coffee. It was a process. Water, measuring, hand grinding, pouring, more measuring. It seemed a little over the top, and way too finicky. Until I tasted the coffee…...

It's Getting Serious

After trying this coffee and realizing this beverage that I had come to love, actually had more to offer... I was hooked. What made this coffee taste so good? Like most people who find a passion for something at some point in their lives, it felt like tumbling down a rabbit hole of information. I read how everything from the farm the coffee was grown, to the point that you drink it can change the flavor. Somehow, good coffee wasn't this thing that just happened unintentionally, it took great care and attention.

Over the years, I “invested” in some equipment to fuel my passion/obsession. I first bought a Breville espresso machine, and a Baratza grinder and began to experiment. The coffee selection in Cold Lake wasn’t great when it came to getting fresh beans. I had a friend who shared in my passion who purchased a home roaster. We could roast our own coffee, control what little variables that we were able to (with that particular roaster), and try to get some exceptional coffee from roasting ourselves. For the most part it was delicious! I eventually bought my own home roaster to keep up with my experimentation.

Going All In

Over the last number of years, my wife and I had been trying to make some long term decisions about what we wanted to do in the future. This led to lots of soul searching and contemplation. In March of 2017, I was laid off from my job unexpectedly. I had never left a job on someone else's terms before so this was a first for me. Panic immediately set in. After a couple days I resolved to use a week or two to think through some of the life decisions we have been trying to make.

Within a short amount of time, I felt confident that we wanted to stay put and I wanted a chance to start and run a business (a dream of mine from a young age). Through the spring I was told two things. 1. Hobbies don’t always make the best businesses 2. Passions make the best businesses. Ya, somewhat conflicting advice.

What I did know, was that anyone who has come to my house over the last couple years, would have heard me yap on about coffee while brewing them a cup. I love coffee, and I love sharing it with people. So I began to research and plan to launch a business that would do just that.

In August 2017, I launched Elevate Coffee Roasters Inc. The goal was simple….Elevate people's coffee experience. Through supplying to restaurants, cafés, grocers, and the home user, I want to bring you great coffee for your enjoyment. It’s my passion - thanks for letting me share it with you!


Kieran Wheeler